Don’t Kiss the Chickens!

There is risk of contracting Salmonella from contact with chickens. No Kissing! Home chicken coups are getting more popular and for good reason! The eggs you raise are nutritionally superior, and they just plain taste better. Chickens in your yard offer other benefits as well (as many of you have learned) including often providing you…

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Lepto Warning!

Health Warning! Leptospirosis has been reported in Sonoma County The Sonoma Index Tribune has reported the death of a Rohnert Park dog. We’ve linked that story for you to read more below. Our message is this; get your dog vaccinated before you take them to daycare, or kennel them and before you head out anywhere…

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Is Coconut Oil “good” for dogs?

local vet clinics

You’ve probably heard about all the health benefits of Coconut Oil for us humans… Is Coconut Oil healthy for dogs? There are a number studies that would say yes! There is also some skepticism as well. The pros claimed would include anti-fungal/antibacterial properties, MCT’s for digestive disorders, improved brain energy and mental function in older…

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JoJo’s Perch Back to School

veterinarian santa rosa

JoJo’s Perch JoJo’s Perch Back To School September 2, 2017 Okay everyone; it’s that time of year when many of our younger humans go back to “school.” I don’t know what this “school” is; I do know that it’s different from “work,” more seasonal somehow. I also know that humans don’t like going to either one.…

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