JoJo on Chocolate

JoJo’s Perch JoJo’s Perch Hide the Chocolate! February 2, 2018 Happy February everyone! You know what February brings, right? Yep, poisonous treats. For some weird human reason, February is when everyone gives each other little (or not so little) boxes of poisonous treats called “chocolate.” I hear that humans love it, no fair that it’s poisonous…

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JoJo’s Perch – Holiday Toys

JoJo’s Perch JoJo’s Perch Holiday Toys December 19, 2017 Hello there my friends! I think I’m finally done digesting Thanksgiving. How about you all? My human made my favorite Fruit/Nut bars for me. So good! Now I’m looking forward to the next holiday, the big one, you know it. I call it “Human, give me all the toys.”…

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JoJo’s Perch Back to School

veterinarian santa rosa

JoJo’s Perch JoJo’s Perch Back To School September 2, 2017 Okay everyone; it’s that time of year when many of our younger humans go back to “school.” I don’t know what this “school” is; I do know that it’s different from “work,” more seasonal somehow. I also know that humans don’t like going to either one.…

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