Keep your pets warm and safe in the cold weather

Not all dogs are equipped for the cold of winter and need a little help from you...

Depending on your dog's breed, winter gear can make them more comfortable and help keep them safe.

Whether it is for your daily walk or a trip to the snow, consider a coat and booties for your pooch. If you have a miniature, toy or shorthaired breed, your dog is most likely feeling the cold and needs some protection. These dogs weren't bred to tolerate our Northern California winters.

Dogs that are low to the ground like Corgis will most likely be rubbing their bellies in snow and will be exposed to not only the cold but also road salt and other toxic de-icers.

If you have an elderly dog that suffers from arthritis even a thick coated dog will benefit from an extra layer! Even if your pet doesn't have arthritis, the cold on their aging joints can be brutal, just ask an elderly friend or relative!

Dog Hoodies are also a good idea if your pup will tolerate having their head covered.

Fitting your dog can be tricky, so be sure to either try on the coat in the store or verify you can return/exchange your purchase should you need a different size. Also, make sure your dog can easily relieve themselves!

Booties can bring comfort and safety in the Winter and Summer!

And while booties might seem a bit silly at first, your dog will come to appreciate the comfort for their paws... Your dog might be a breed better suited to winter, but if you are headed to the snow they will most likely come in contact with toxic road salts and de-icers. It is also common for ice to build up between their toes.


 Booties will also cut down on the mess brought into your home! If you opt for "all weather" varieties you will have protection for them from the hot pavement in the Summer!


Your dog will most likely need a little time to get used to wearing booties, and the first time you put them on, you're likely going to see some memorable antics, so have your phone ready to capture the video!


Boots are available in a number of varieties and sizes...

We found quite a selection available for differing weather, so be sure to consider your options, and most importantly proper fit! Like with coats, it's a good idea to verify you can return your purchase should you need a different size.


The site below offers a great selection of footwear for your dog and they have an excellent sizing guide. 

(Make sure to read their return policy, especially if you opt for socks)

Lastly, keep in mind, some dogs take quickly to being dressed, while others will require a bit of time to get used to the concept, so take your time and be patient with them and have plenty of treats ready to help make their first experience a pleasant one. Also, allow them some time to become used to the new look and feel before you venture out!

I'd be happy to discuss this, or any questions you might have about your pet's health!


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