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Back To School

September 2, 2017


Okay everyone; it's that time of year when many of our younger humans go back to "school." I don't know what this "school" is; I do know that it's different from "work," more seasonal somehow. I also know that humans don't like going to either one. I'm sure that most of the dislike comes from them being separated from us. So we need to make sure to spend as much time with them as we can when they are there. The best way to do that is to help them when they are home.


Here are some optimal times to hang out with your humans:

  • Help with chores - Keep them company while doing work around the house. Even just laying at their feet while the dishes are being done is a great help. In fact, being underfoot is an immense help to humans, no matter what chore they are doing. Dishes, cooking dinner, folding laundry. When helping with the laundry, make sure to get in the laundry. That really helps.
  • Help with homework - This "school" thing often sends "homework" for our humans to do. Not sure what the point is, some weird human thing I'm sure. Much like chores, you help humans with homework by being underfoot. It's also important to nibble on papers while helping with homework. Just stay away from "textbooks." I've been told that they are expensive.
  • Help with dinner time - Stay close for this one. Not only can you spend time with your humans, they get to feed you. It's really just the best thing ever. Just make sure to contain your drool. It's rude. (Looking at you dogs).
  • Help with downtime - My personal favorite. This is the time that humans take to relax. Watching TV, reading, some sort of human craft that involves string and semi-sharp pieces of wood. My human does the last one; she calls it "knitting." I don't really understand it but she seems to like it. I help her by hanging out in her project and tangling her yarn.


Now that I think about it, most of these require us to be underfoot to help out our humans. I wonder what they did before we came along to distract them from "school" and "work." It must have been so boring.

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I'm a 26 year old Senegal parrot. As with any creature as small as I am, I have a big attitude and know how to get what I want. I share my home with my human servant Megan and her Australian Shepherd, Kona, whom I torment to my heart's content. Coming from a rescue, my history is a little bit of a mystery. My early life has caused me to be a picker, but it doesn't matter too much - I know I'm gorgeous!

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