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Keep the Cannabis edibles out of reach!

There is SO much good information going around about the health benefits of Cannabis (specifically CBD's) that one would not consider any ill effects. Change the picture for just a moment, and consider how you would respond to accepting a cookie from a friend, not knowing it contained Cannabis AND it's other more famous component THC.

An hour later (unless you are VERY familiar with the signs of being high) you will be experiencing some serious effects that you will not understand. Depending on the "dosage" you might even think you are dying. This is not an uncommon reaction to unknown, or even intentional dosing of THC!

Imagine how your pet would feel. They don't even know what Cannabis is….

They snitch a sweet treat off the counter and suddenly have no idea what's happened. Imagine their internal process when they become "stoned" without any idea why they are in this state!

A lot of you would head to the ER if it happened to you, and many humans are rushing their companions into clinics like ours.

We can help you understand the effects, and after an exam we can assure you of no serious danger, but the point is to NEVER put your pet in this situation in the first place!

It's really simple. Keep your edibles, and any cannabis materials somewhere your pet cannot reach. Your refrigerator, the top shelf, or even a drawer is a far better place than your countertop. A little common sense will go a long way if you have pets and you consume cannabis!

If you have an immediate concern...

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