You've probably heard about all the health benefits of Coconut Oil for us humans...

Is Coconut Oil healthy for dogs?

There are a number studies that would say yes! There is also some skepticism as well.

The pros claimed would include anti-fungal/antibacterial properties, MCT's for digestive disorders, improved brain energy and mental function in older dogs.

Glossier, sleeker coats, less doggy odor and increased metabolic function along with weight loss, bone health, and arthritis relief are all claimed.

That's a lot of claims, that as I mentioned are met with some skepticism. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence and plenty of science for humans but dogs don't mimic humans in many ways.

As always I encourage you to speak to your veterinarian first before relying on any of my tips as a cure for any existing condition.

You may also notice your dog develops diarrhea or an allergic reaction if you give it orally.

Here's a great article from the AKC!

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