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Spay Neuter Offer

"I highly recommend this Doctor" - Jake
"I highly recommend this Doctor" - Jake

Spaying or Neutering your Dog or Cat is a major operation.

Dr. Krome taught Surgical Procedures at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. His knowledge and experience will provide your pet with the safest and friendliest possible surgery.


Standing beside Dr. Krome, his staff will assist with equal competency and compassion.


Your Dog or Cat will be in excellent hands for this or any surgery at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital!

As time becomes more critical to take this step with your Dog or Cat, we're offering a 15% discount on either of these procedures.

(valid until August 31, 2018)

To take advantage of this offer, or to just learn more about what's involved,

please contact our staff at 707-544-1313.

If you're uncertain about taking this step

"My procedure went purrrfectly!"  - Princess
"My procedure went purrrfectly!" - Princess
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